Mental and emotional stress and imbalance

Emotional problems and stress usually respond very well to Reiki, as do stress-related conditions. Most people find Reiki deeply relaxing, nurturing and enjoyable; as a result of this treatments help to release stress, reduce tension and anxiety and calm the mind. Clients report feeling more peaceful and centred during and after a session, with increased levels of positivity and well-being. These combined benefits often help promote and restore good quality sleep and improve levels of energy.

Acute and chronic conditions

Reiki can be of support during times of acute, short-term illness; it can also provide help and comfort for those coping with chronic health conditions. One or two sessions may be enough to provide relief, particularly with a new or acute symptom, whereas long-standing issues often require a series of treatments before the full beneficial effects take place. Due to the gentle and non-manipulative nature of Reiki healing, treatments are usually suitable for those with chronic pain, or low-energy problems; in fact it can be particularly soothing and comforting in such cases.

Times of change and transition

For all of us life can sometimes feel challenging and overwhelming, particularly when we’re faced with change and transition. Reiki can assist during these difficult times, helping people feel grounded and balanced and allowing them to cope more effectively. Treatments provide emotional support in a calm and safe setting; as a result, clients say they are more in touch with their intuitive selves and deeper needs and are better able to make positive life changes and choices. Reiki can also assist with personal development and enhance creative abilities.